Citrus Zinger Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Title: 1
Sale priceRs. 466.00

Product Name: Citrus Zinger Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Package Contains: It has 1 Bottle
Materials: Plastic
Color: Colour as per availability
Length: 12
Breadth: 8
Height: 4
Capacity: 650 ml
Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1
Additional Information: Try one Fruit for pure flavor or use a couple for a unique refreshment. If you are feeling Adventurous try adding Spices like pepper or fresh ginger for an extra Kick. To bring out the flavors further you can sweeten your mixtures with natural Honey. INSTRUCTIONS TO USE:- Thoroughly wash and dry your ingredients and the Citrus Infuser Bottle. Make sure the Top Cap is Tight. Turn the bottle over and unscrew bottom cup exposing the citrus press. Slice the fruit in half and with one hand holding the bottle, push the half fruit into the citrus press, twisting clockwise to release the juice.
Weight: 366

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